What is an Unlimited Terrain Vehicle?

“The reason we now call these Unlimited Terrain Vehicles is because UTVs are virtually limitless when it comes to off-road,”  “The new generation of sport UTVs come off the showroom floor virtually ready for the track and with a few simple mods from Tonys Toys you can now test your skills at one of the premier events in all of UTV racing! The goal of this new class is to get new people to try off-road desert racing and experience first hand how thrilling and challenging off-road racing actually is. Now you have the ability to easily modify your UTV and race in the desert race portion of the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship!”
There is a strong reason for calling the new Stock class a “UTV Rally Class”. UTVs have begun to enter into competitions at local American stage rally events. Streamlining the ruling segment of the class will allow not only for enthusiasts to be able to race at select BITD events, but then also take their machines to compete at future rally racing events across the United States, and visa-versa.
“The new Stock UTV Rally class makes off-road desert racing even more accessible to the masses and Tony’s Toys helps you thru out with Quality parts that meet or beat OEM standards. In addition, UTVs are becoming more widely accepted in American stage Rally racing the idea has caught on. The premise for the class is not to replace traditional rally cars, instead, we want to get people to try stage rally and realize how fun and challenging it is in a low cost. Visit Tony’s Toys or https://tonystoys.com you will not only be amazed at the cost but the quality is most often better then original 


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