What is an Unlimited Terrain Vehicle?

“The reason we now call these Unlimited Terrain Vehicles is because UTVs are virtually limitless when it comes to off-road,”  “The new generation of sport UTVs come off the showroom floor virtually ready for the track and with a few simple mods from Tonys Toys you can now test your skills at one of the premier events in all of UTV racing! The goal of this new class is to get new people to try off-road desert racing and experience first hand how thrilling and challenging off-road racing actually is. Now you have the ability to easily modify your UTV and race in the desert race portion of the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship!”
There is a strong reason for calling the new Stock class a “UTV Rally Class”. UTVs have begun to enter into competitions at local American stage rally events. Streamlining the ruling segment of the class will allow not only for enthusiasts to be able to race at select BITD events, but then also take their machines to compete at future rally racing events across the United States, and visa-versa.
“The new Stock UTV Rally class makes off-road desert racing even more accessible to the masses and Tony’s Toys helps you thru out with Quality parts that meet or beat OEM standards. In addition, UTVs are becoming more widely accepted in American stage Rally racing the idea has caught on. The premise for the class is not to replace traditional rally cars, instead, we want to get people to try stage rally and realize how fun and challenging it is in a low cost. Visit Tony’s Toys or https://tonystoys.com you will not only be amazed at the cost but the quality is most often better then original 

Hunting with your ATV

The old saying of “Early Bird gets the worm” is still true today. It’s in the nature of the Today’s hunter to view things that way. That’s not to say today’s hunters don’t have to put in the time, effort and sweat to get everything out of the hunt they can. But certain advancements have Tonys Toys making quality aftermarket gear has made it easier to enjoy hunting that much more.

Case and point: ATVs and Side-by-Sides make hunting better and more enjoyable for most hunters. When Tony first saw them take hold in the hunting world He quickly started designing quality aftermarket parts, Initially, ATVs and UTVs were used to transport gear, materials, and people into the woods and wild, but Tony’s Toys quickly discovered techniques and designed implements to allow these vehicles to do work once reserved only for tractors. This lead to a huge jump and more sales These vehicles have expanded by the number of accessories made for ATVs and side-by-sides. , you don’t need to have a tractor anymore to plow up a spot for a food plot or Beef up and Race.

From Racing to Hunting Tony’s can help you choose whats right for you. The ATV is ripe for customizing with aftermarket accessories. Like windshields and roofs. Stop by and lookk at our website and let us design a part for you.

All of our aftermarket parts at Tony’s Toys we meet or beats manufacturer standard.

2020 Honda Side by Side it is Electric Powered / Street Legal

Honda wanted to put on a show at the Consumer Electronics Show If you haven’t already checked it out, check out my After Market Parts that met or beat Hondas standards. Now regarding the electric Honda Pioneer you see pictured which utilizes the Pioneer 500 frame but instead of being powered by the 500cc engine that it normally packs, Honda decided to throw one of their new swappable Mobile Power Packs in it! This is the quickest Machine yet. The fastest of its kind.

The Honda Mobile Power Concept is a compact electric two-seater four-wheel drive powered by Honda’s Mobile Power Pack.

So tell me what you think and vote here if you would or would not Buy one of these.